Popular Liquid Diet and Recipes

If you start a liquid diet, it is not necessary to consume only clear liquids. While choosing your liquid diet recipes you should consider thick liquids and fluids as well. Jellies, smooth ice-creams, fruit juices, milk shakes and beverages can be substitute ingredients on your recipes.

Liquid diet for weight loss boosts our digestive system. Lots of juices and dry fruit milk shakes are healthy drinks rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals that can successfully replace dry foods. On a full liquid diet, you may include all vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups. Tea and coffee are easily replaced by coconut water for example. Apple cider vinegar and honey are very often used in liquid diet recipes ingredients.

It is very important to know, a liquid diet plan can be followed for a few days only. It can’t be a long-term option for losing weight fast. During this procedure the short period intervals are the key to success.
So 1 week on full liquid diet should be followed by two weeks of a normal diet, after that you can repeat the same cycle again. Another option can be to follow this diet a couple of days a week.

Some of most popular liquid diets and their recipes are;

Clear Liquid Diet: A clear liquid diet it is often used before certain procedures in clinics, it also used to losing weight fast .Soups, lemonade, tea, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, etc. can be consumed.

Master Cleanse Diet: This is a very popular diet, it is known also as ‘the lemonade diet’, it helps the body to get free quickly from toxins, boosting in that way the overall function of digestive system. This type of diet is very effective on shedding fast excessive belly fat.

Hollywood Liquid Diet: This diet consists of fruit juices which help in enhancing natural detoxification of the body. It is in fact a detox diet. One can lose the extra weight while enjoying natural juice fruits.It is very quick and gives fast results in 1 or 2 days.But the results are temporary, it means you can gain fast the weight you lost. It is very popular among Hollywood movies actress and actresses.

Cabbage Soup Diet: It is called the ‘7 days cabbage soup diet’, you have to follow the diet for a week. It is a very inexpensive liquid diet plan that is worth giving a try for quick weight loss. You can find different cabbage soup recipes, and mix it with other vegetables to make it even more tasteful. It is supposed that cabbage soup diet may help you to lose up to 5kg in a 7days.

You can try other liquid diet plans and recipes, like lemonade diet,juice diet,liquid opti-fast,medi-fast,etc.
All these liquid diets and their recipes help to lose weight fast,quick and easy but their effect is also temporary, one needs to follow strictly a well-balanced weight loss diet, in combination with exercise and healthy habits.